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Unless otherwise defined, biAnalytics accesses your data source in real time. As a result, all of your key performance indicators and dimensions of these data sources are available in biAnalytics. If you want to limit this view, or simply want to save another view of your data, you can conveniently create a view.
Determine your own hierarchies for your dimensions. For example, if you have data from different cities, you can simply add regions as a new hierarchical level and allocate the cities to the corresponding regions. As soon as a hierarchy has been created, it can be used in all areas and dashboards.
Document Library
The document library is your online cloud memory to which you can upload any kind of file and make it available to other people. For example, store invoices for your customers or information leaflets for your suppliers in the document library and share them using an individual URL.
License Management
As administrator of your organisation, you can distribute licences for different biAnalytics tools to your staff in biAnalytics. You can also assign consumer licences to users. This user becomes the consumer of the created dashboards and CMS pages but cannot make any administrative changes.
User groups
Organise your biAnalytics users into different user groups and determine for yourself which reports should be made available to which user group.
In-Memory Storage
Each organisation in biAnalytics receives 1 gigabyte of free memory in our high-performance in-memory database. This storage can be used for your document library, ETL-transported data or uploaded reports.
Authorisation levels
You can assign different authorisation levels to each user according to their role. Corporate administrators, report builders and information consumers are distinguished between in biAnalytics.

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