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Flexible and modular

biAnalytics helps you to keep an overview over your business processes and helps with your analysis and planning. biAnalytics is the tool for effective, fast and easy reporting.


Our pricing fits the requirements of your company. You only pay for what you use. And with our monthly pricing model you are also completely flexible.

No server required

To get started with biAnalytics you need no installation. With our cloud service everything can be accessed through your browser.

Modulare Expansion

biAnalytics can be enhanced in a lot of different ways. You can use your own chart engine, embed different stylesheets and so much more.

Personal Packages
Perfect Performance

biAnalytics is available in different packages, so you can choose exactly the package that matches your requirements. As soon as your needs change, so can your package.


biAnalytics Web

99 /mo

per biAnalytics Web user

  • All available data sources
  • 1 GB free space in our In-Memory DB (per organization)
  • Unlimited number of dashboars
  • Your own content management system
  • Flexible user authorization

biAnalytics Office

49 /mo

per biAnalytics Office user

  • Add-On for biAnalytics Web
  • Save time when creating management reports or presentations
  • Intuitive application in your Microsoft Office environment
  • Refreshing documents with one click
  • Creating visualizations with Microsoft Office tools

biAnalytics App

comming soon  

All of your data. Always inside your pocket.

  • compact solution
  • portable
  • easy and intuitive


29 /mo
  • Information consumer of your analytics data

5 GB additional storage

349 /mo
  • 5 GB additional storage in our high-performance In-Memory database


On Request
  • We create a backup of the last 10 days. On request larger backups are possible.

Evaluate for free

You can evaluate biAnalytics Web for 30 days for free. Register now and get 1 Gygbyte of space on our high-performance In-Memory database. You have complex reporting scenarios? We can always assist you in realizing your requirements. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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